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Vic Narang, CEO, TechRev LLC | TechRev

Vic Narang, CEO, TechRev LLC

At TechRev, We believe in conducting regular transparent communication with clients as it helps them to know their exact requirements

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TechRev A Dynamic Software & Services Company

Since the pandemic has pushed many organizations to adapt and streamline the workfrom-home culture, businesses are focusing more on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make the lives of their employees and customers more convenient and secure. In doing so, they need to develop ‘Custom Software Solutions’ which would help companies to continue to serve their customers in a transparent, responsive, reliable, and timely manner. They also want to ensure that the solution should be economically viable, and they should continue to remain profitable.

Florida-based TechRev has helped start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations create complex and dependable products and services faster to increase their efficiency and market share using their industrychanging low-code software DEW (Developers Efficiency Workbench). TechRev uses DEW, the lowcode solution, to help its clients serve their customers in a transparent, responsive, reliable, and timely manner in an economically viable manner

The challenges do not end here. According to Vic Narang, President & Founder of TechRev, COVID-19 has reshaped the entire customer verification and onboarding system in financial institutes and other institutes. Organizations have already started realizing the importance of establishing a robust and flexible online visual identity verification solution. Keeping this need in mind, TechRev has come up with eyeDnow. eyeDnow’s visual ID verification process is fully digital. It does not require a customer’s physical presence at the branch or location. eyeDnow allows the user to invite customers or meeting participants to join the video meeting. eyeDnow allows a user to add a maximum of fifty participants at a time, and the user can send a meeting invitation link via e-mail and SMS. Users can take the customer’s facial image and identity document’s image by capturing the screen, and users can verify and validate a customer or participator by doing a real-time comparison between both images. 

eyeDnow also captures the customer’s IP address, geo-location and stores all the information in the secured cloud storage. 

At TechRev, We believe in conducting regular transparent communication with clients as it helps them to know their exact requirements

eyeDnow also allows users to send images, upload digital signature pad links to the customers via SMS as well as email, and in addition to that, the customer can upload their image document and digital signature remotely. eyeDnow’s leading-edge ID verification features can be deployed and integrated as a stand-alone application or integrated as a module to meet the business requirements. eyeDnow is flexible to fit the need for identity-verification in any environment.

“Alongside the above challenges, we noticed, it’s been possible to create Wills online for the last few years, however, they must be notarized by a governmentregistered Notary agent, who would verify the identity of the one who creates the will and the document created,” says Narang. “This usually used to be an inperson transaction before the COVID-19 situation. The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed most states to authorize digital notarizations, and this is exactly what has created an urgency of having a comprehensive online platform where customers and verified notary professionals can complete the entire Notary formalities digitally without having to involve in any paper-based process.” 

Hence, Narang and his team at TechRev created eNotaryOnCall—a costeffective platform designed to allow customers to connect for virtual Notarization with a simple and easy four-step process. eNotaryOnCall allows both the parties, notary, and the customer to transact through a secured meeting while capturing the signature to sign any document. 

On the other hand, one of TechRev’s esteemed clients was looking for a robust and scalable platform where certified MBEs that supply PPE products could be connected with potential buyers, including MBEs, corporates, and others. “Our client had a tight-deadline of 2 weeks for developing this project. Using TechRev’s proprietary low code software DEW, we developed a highly functional and comprehensive platform for our client where certified MBEs could easily transact with potential customers like other MBEs, corporates, etc. We developed the entire platform solution within the tight deadline given by our client,” explains Narang. “Hence we are addressing all the challenges plaguing an organization to make it a better place to thrive and live.” 

TechRev makes it their duty to analyze their client’s exact needs and develop a robust and highly scalable application that can make the clients’ day-to-day operations more efficient and cost-effective and give a substantial boost to their revenue. At TechRev, they believe in conducting regular transparent communication with clients as it helps them to know their exact requirements. 

Narang expects TechRev to grow in revenue exponentially over the next few years. They are currently in the process of building a formidable Sales and Marketing team that would help them get their name out and utilize the skills and products that they have built and refined and perfected over the last few years, including the period of the pandemic, to take them to the next level. “What is going to help us reach where we desire to in the next few years, you ask? Low-code development -technology, constantly upgrading our products and technological tools; providing clients ability to bundle video/audio/text messaging capabilities to make them more productive and resourceful, and providing tools that would make lives of consumers better using technology and allowing them to obtain various services from home while providing business-opportunities to small entrepreneurs to serve clients from home,” says Narang. “We also want to serve clients in North America and India where we plan to help software-development companies more productive by providing them tools to create software faster and better.”