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Shaan Rizvi, Founder, CEO | Plaxonic Technologies

Shaan Rizvi, Founder, CEO
Plaxonic Technologies

Our greatest strength lies in our quality policy and our professional approach towards execution of the project

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Plaxonic Technologies Provide Advanced Digital Solutions and Research to Enterprises

Plaxonic believes in “creating sophisticated technologies and developing them further to invent more,” as a company with some of the brightest brains working together. Plaxonic Technologies creates smart IT and BPM solutions that comprehend, meet, and exceed the client’s business objectives. Plaxonic Technologies serves the ever-evolving business world with services such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and more, bringing together years of knowledge and ambitious plans. “Inventive, innovative, zealous & futuristic – we are everything that’s required to serve enterprises through advanced digital solutions & research.” says Shaan Rizvi, Founder & CEO. 

Plaxonic Technologies is a capable IT service and product firm that serves businesses all over the world. Plaxonic has been rapidly expanding since its start. Plaxonic strives for excellence, flexibility, and customer-tailored solutions as a firm. This gives the business an advantage over the competitors. Plaxonic is looking forward to a bright future with its partners, relying on the company’s prior successes. Plaxonic has established a reputation as one of the best solution suppliers because of its high-quality services and support. This has aided the firm in maintaining a high degree of client retention. “Our greatest strength lies in our quality policy and our professional approach towards execution of the project.” says Shaan Rizvi, Founder & CEO. Plaxonic has demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, business intelligence, innovation, application development, and other areas. Plaxonic’s philosophy is to attain excellence in all they do, while also enhancing the work environment and competence level in order to better serve clients. The company is committed to the clients and partners and has a passion for new technologies.

Our greatest strength lies in our quality policy and our professional approach towards execution of the project

Plaxonic employs bright individuals from many areas, which allows the firm to provide a fresh viewpoint to each project it undertakes. From the beginning to the present, the firm has attracted some of the most renowned clients, who represent enterprises of all types, sizes, and industries. Together, the company creates solutions that: Never go out of trend, Support the clients to expand their business, Build longterm relationship between Plaxonic and the client base, and Assure the clientele perform excellently at the global level.The customer base of a firm is its most valuable asset, thus keeping it happy is the key to success. Plaxonic is always listening to the requirements of its consumers, which helps the firm retain and acquire new customers’ trust. Apart from being employees, they are a valuable part of the organization even beyond the walls of the company. The company doesn’t differentiate but gives everyone equal worth & opportunities to transform into their career best.

Mr. Shaan Rizvi created Plaxonic Technologies on September 5, 2013 with the slogan “Invent & Innovate.” With Mr. Rizvi’s devotion, talents, and vision to dream big and achieve it, what began as a quest to make a distinct shift in the regular corporate world has turned into a successful firm? Plaxonic, like any other start-up, encountered problems in the early stages, but as the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easily.” The business beat the odds, demonstrated its value, drew the attention of potential clients, and quickly rose to become one of the top IT & BPM firms in the industry.