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Top 10 Technology Solution Providers of 2021


Samco Software Inc. found a need in their local area of Vancouver—a potential market—that with the advent of the IBM desktop in 1980s, the firms who were getting their books manually done with different accounting firms wanted to start doing bookkeeping in their office on their machines with their software.


ArcESB is a subsidiary of CData Software (, a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. At ArcESB, our goal is to provide customers with the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate applications, services, and data without having to manage additional layers of complexity.


Since the pandemic has pushed many organizations to adapt and streamline the workfrom home culture, businesses are focusing more on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make the lives of their employees and customers more convenient and secure.


Creating a strong connection with customers is vital. At Routee, we have been helping businesses communicate with their customers for over 20 years. Your business can access and use the vast experience Routee has developed over the past two decades. Our mission is simple: We make communications work for everyone.


Gunnison Consulting Group began servicing the greater Washington, D.C. metro region in 1994, with an emphasis on handling the most ambitious technological projects for its customers.

Sailsjs Company

The Sails Company was founded by the original author and maintainers of the Sails framework. In addition to free and open-source software, The Sails Company offers a full-service web & mobile studio and professional support for the tools we maintain.

Plaxonic Technologies

Plaxonic believes in “creating sophisticated technologies and developing them further to invent more,” as a company with some of the brightest brains working together.


We are a group of creative professionals who are passionate about building, implementing, and supporting an easy-to-use, complete cloud call center support solution. Our cloud call center support software is built on a flexible architecture that is compatible with various call center support business activities. With our quantum vision, we take on every challenge in the field of call center support business. You can turn operator location on and off as required, stay away from the problem of looking after infrastructure, and concentrate on changing communications into brand loyalty

Xact IT Solutions

Xact IT Solutions is one of just 30 companies worldwide to get the CompTIA Security+ Trustmark, which verifies that the organization follows the NIST cyber security framework, which establishes guidelines for effectively safeguarding computer networks and data.

Tech Nearshore

Where smart companies turn to outsource technology and capitalize on hiring talent with transparency in a nearshore environment. Tech Nearshore is an international technology company headquartered in the US with modern industrial operations based in the Dominican Republic and Colombia We offer reliability and expertise for all of your programming needs. We couple our certified technicians with a simplified pricing model.