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Steve Wakeen | Founder | Playbook Coaching

Steve Wakeen | Founder
Playbook Coaching

“I collaborated with hundreds of executive teams at agencies such as TBWA and Grey Ads on the strategic issues their companies faced and hosted several strategic and C-suite seminars”

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The Leadership Circle Profile is the first systematic leadership unifying principle that remains in the field. A unified paradigm incorporates the top leadership ideas. The LCP quickly brings the core problems to the surface with a well-researched battery of elements that expose the relationship between patterns of action and the beliefs that drive that behavior. Stephen C. Wakeen is the founder of Playbook Coaching, LLC and has worked with executives for over thirty years. Steve encourages CEOs and their executive teams to build excellent leadership skills and aims to turn highperforming administrators into first-time executives. His clients are nationwide, and across industries, including investment banking, advertising, law, energy, construction, health care, and consumer packaged goods. Steve benchmarks executives’ leadership against norms so they can see how they compare to executives around the world and plans a leadership development road map designed for the individual. 

Steve’s success with his brand and strategies complements his position as an executive coach. “I collaborated with hundreds of executive teams at agencies such as TBWA and Grey Ads on the strategic issues their companies faced and hosted several strategic and C-suite seminars.” says Steve Wakeen, Founder, Playbook Coaching. Steve was Emmerling Post Ads (now Cossette, USA) General Manager and President of Targetnet, the first online marketing solution of its kind that was later sold. Steve is a former president of Vistage International, the largest CEO membership organization in the world. He is accredited in the Leadership Circle Profile, a C-suite leadership appraisal and coaching model, and is also certified in The Leadership Framework, an executive learning curriculum intended to assist organizations scale leadership as they expand in the organization.

Playbook is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile (the LCP), a unique assessment tool designed for CEOs, executive leadership and management teams. The LCP identifies behavioural competencies that make the customers and their team a competitive advantage. Playbook helps leadership teams think and execute together. This is called collective effectiveness and is often ignored at the executive level. The offering includes completing (the LCP) on every member, devising new strategies for working together, and individual coaching for team members. Playbook develops and facilitates strategic planning off-sites, quarterly “check-ins,” and creativity sessions. designed to engage and unify the leadership team and employees. Playbook has conducted hundreds of facilitated sessions over the years. The LCP is immediately actionable. It quickly provides a new level of self–awareness that can help people become more effective leaders.

The LCP is the only leadership model that measures the effective behaviours that lead to better leadership and ineffective behaviours that hurt leaders.

Playbook maintains all the information, whether for the CEO and leadership team, or for the entire cohort of executives. In addition, the association has a network of trained trainers that helps them to respond to the specifications of the mission. Certified in the administration of the LCP, the turnkey method of Playbook Coaching entails administration as well as debriefs and monitoring so that members understand the consequences, like what is happening with respect to their leadership and why. Two confidential debrief sessions are planned to bring immediate understanding of both effective and unsuccessful management practices and to identify a way forward after data are received.