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John Herr  | CEO | Arcoro

John Herr | CEO

“We are passionate about creating HR solutions that enable high-consequence, high-compliance companies to effectively manage their workforce and maintain compliance.”

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Rapidly Growing SaaS Organization

More than 10,000 high-consistency, high-compliance businesses use the tech products of Arcoro to attract, maintain and develop their employees. Arcoro, a rapidly growing SaaS organization, provides validated modular HR tools that optimize the efficiency of the workforce and inspire HR leaders with time-saving instruments and strategic reporting. The company’s leading product suite and software platform offer end-to-end HR functionality to help drive business outcomes. Customers select modules that meet their needs for talent acquisition, talent management, core HR, benefits management, payroll, time and attendance tracking and more with Arcoro’s flexible solutions. The company is grateful that the awards for innovative products and excellent customer service have been received. “We are passionate about creating HR solutions that enable high-consequence, high-compliance companies to effectively manage their workforce and maintain compliance.” says John Herr, Chief Executive Officer. 

The scalable HR tech systems from Arcoro are intended to maximize efficiencies, minimize risk and create high-performing teams. The company’s unique modular HR scheduling strategy addresses the existing demands and potential requirements of consumers. From talent management, onboarding, time and attendance tracking, core HR to performance  management and more, the company helps companies maintain compliance. Arcoro’s easy-to-use, cloudbased platform offers companies the strategic advantage to scale and develop successfully, with over 10,000 clients and 360,000 regular users in 20 nations around the world. A major priority for Arcoro is consumer satisfaction. In order to communicate with HR strategy and US-based assistance, all consumers receive a customer success manager. The robust Core HR module of the organization holds in order basic HR recordkeeping and important legal records, laying a firm basis for orderly HR practices, from profit accounting to time monitoring and payroll. Arcoro offers modular HR software solutions that solve everyday HR and workforce management challenges for high-risk, highcompliance industries. The company solution scales easily as the customer’s company grows.

Arcoro knows that systemic racism continues to have a harmful impact on our country. The company stands with Black Lives Matter and believes that it’s imperative for the company all to reinvigorate the efforts to end racism in this country. Arcoro strongly supports equality among all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. The company is committed to doing the part to support a diverse and inclusive culture at our company and in the company’s communities, to foster genuine belonging and help heal the wounds of inequality and racial injustice that divide Arcoros. Arcoro is committed to supporting diversity in the workplace by continuing the ongoing efforts of our Diversity Committee. A central goal of the committee is to strive for a diverse workforce, from the leadership team to the staff members, as the company grows. The company also aims to engender an inclusive culture at the company and in the community at large.

The mission of the Arcoro diversity committee will be carried out through small and major actions, from making hiring “blind” by removing names from resumés to updating the language in the company’s job postings and ensures that the company post openings on at least one minority-focused job board.