Top 10 Admired Tech Companies of 2021


The current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shaken life and health insurers or reinsurers and the insurance landscape. Consumers now have different priorities and needs when it comes to purchasing life or health insurance.

Captech Consulting

We Are A Team Of Master Builders, Creators, And Problem Solvers Who Help Clients Grow Efficient, Successful Businesses


Kevin Steer, CEO of 121Insights, graduated from Cambridge University (Downing College) in 1978 with an engineering degree. He went over to Brunei to train with Schlumberger for four months.


CRM Digital Transformation Automation QGate helps people-based SMEs optimise their business processes, transform the way their people work, and enhance their customers’ experience through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps

Taxback International

Companies’ main challenge today is a lack of control and visibility on their global VAT compliance obligations. For large companies with multiple VAT registrations in multiple regions and sometimes using a combination of in-house teams and outsourced providers, the lack of visibility and control at a global level causes real pain for the clients.


Dental Care Where You Are. irtudent is changing the face of dental healthcare delivery. We offer teledentistry services and on-site preventive dental care to our partner organizations


Patents are a special asset class because they come into existence - and, therefore, appear on a company’s balance sheet - in an entirely different manner than all other assets.

Yellow Objects

We are data analytics and digital marketing geniuses who work with a mission to empower our customers with data science and research strategies. Our aim is to harness emotional and statistical intelligence, to assist our clients so that they can reach out to the people they intend to service, with added assurance.


Since 2005, Confidex Smart Industries has been a trusted partner for device integrators and endusers of high-performance short-range wireless devices to allow industrial IoT technologies worldwide.


Better consumer experience with enhanced test coverage. As an ISO 27001:2013 certified, SOC II and HIPAA compliant organization, for over a decade, we have been helping clients across the globe release highquality software products to the market on -time and within budgets.