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William J Stanford | Co-Founder & CEO  | Tilt Technology

William J Stanford | Co-Founder & CEO
Tilt Technology

"Our aim is to best educate our clients, meet security and regulatory needs, and ensure they have a complete understanding of any potential vulnerabilities"

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When William J Stanford started Tilt Technology back in Oct of 2014, he wanted to bring back the type of service where the company truly cares about what they do and who they serve. “The bottom line is important, but what drives us is in who we serve and how we choose to serve,” says the Co-Founder & CEO. “Being a Christian, Proverbs 2:6-9 has become the basis of our core values and I wanted to reflect this wisdom with integrity in how I serve others through my words, focus, and attitude, as well as in the products and services we provide.”

Tilt Technology was created to serve a nation-wide community of independent medical providers and practices struggling to remain independent in a vastly changing market and world. Governmental regulations, wide-spread corporate hospital buyouts, dwindling reimbursement rates, ever-changing technology, and increasing security threats prevent providers and practices from focusing on what they need and do best, which is patient care! “These providers and medical practices need someone who cares about what they do and can provide comprehensive solutions and services,” explains William. “Someone who’s sole focus is on serving them and removing barriers so that they can in turn do the same for the patient lives they have dedicated themselves to serving.”

According to William, ransomware attacks have surged and only added to the chaos and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the numerous safety concerns and various changing regulations around COVID-19, businesses that were, or are not, familiar with remote solutions are forced into a “crash course” in navigating the vast array of options for setting up their offices to function remotely. Many may not take into consideration the necessity of security protection and reliable backup solutions. “Our aim is to best educate our clients, meet security and regulatory needs, and to ensure they have a complete understanding of any potential vulnerabilities,areas to improve efficiency, and how our solutions work to protect them, and their business,” he says.

When William started Tilt Technology—over six years ago—his approach was to create a completely virtual environment internally to remove high overhead expenses driving up costs and eliminate the need to rely on a solephysical location. This concept has allowed Tilt Technology to reach out for talent across the U.S. to better serve their nation-wide client community. “Our clients directly benefit from this model as we have employees to provide coverage for all U.S. time zones enabling us to expand our hours of support and services, while still enabling our employees to work standard shifts for their location,” explains William. “Our use of key applications brings our fully remote and geographically separated team together in the best ways possible. We utilize Nextiva VOIP phone system and Microsoft Teams to stay continuously connected via chat, phone calls, virtual meetings, as well as screen-share collaborations and training.”

Additionally, the company uses Harmony PSA and Microsoft Office 365 for the effective and efficient running of day-to-day operations and to cohesively communicate with clients. “The most important factor for any success or “advantage” we may have in utilizing any technology trend, is the people that work here. Their individuality, talent, and care are what trulymakes Tilt Technology,” he adds.

With ever-changing technology and the growing desire for connectivity, the company has encountered several clients that had local on-premises legacy network infrastructure systems that could not scale to match the growth or increasing demands and needs of their business. “We have successfully migrated healthcare practices into a fully virtual environment allowing them the connectivity, security, and scalability they need,” says William. “Additionally, we had a large client that had their entire local network infected with ransomware causing server failures and the inability for their staff to access vital patient and work information.” At the time, Tilt only provided for the clients’ online backup solution regarding their security needs but were able to migrate them to their secure cloud hosting solution. The client ended up online and able to see patients within a few hours, where rebuilding and restoring a large local and intricate infrastructure system would have taken weeks or more.

For William, the company’s biggest achievement is in bringing their dynamic team together from all over the U.S. to collaborate, assist, and serve one another and clients with the sole cohesive focus on the value of serving and in building long-lasting relationships. “In all of the changes and uncertainties we have seen in the year 2020, one thing I can say for sure is that through it all I have adjusted my mind set to know when to say enough is enough for the day and to prioritize the value in enjoying time dedicated to personal/home life,” he adds. “We are looking to start fresh in 2021 with a simple “bring it back to basics” approach. Our focus for the year will be to remember why we started this business in the first serve!”