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Cher Koon Teo | President & Managing Director | ISDN Holdings

Cher Koon Teo | President & Managing Director
ISDN Holdings

"The ultimate objective is to improve productivity, reduce cost and waste so that products could be produced close to the market, with a competitive price and product performance, so as to beat the fierce competition from factories in emerging markets"

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Unique Remote Monitoring Solution Navigating the Pandemic

Cher Koon Teo combines his industry experience with his forward-thinking and innovative outlook to lead ISDN Holdings through the engineering industry’s rapid technological advancements. His vision for ISDN Holdings is to create an ecosystem of engineering services and solutions that complement each other rather than compete against each other. Today, International Servo Dynamics Network (ISDN) Holdings has over 60 subsidiaries across multiple specializations. ISDN Holdings and its subsidiaries are a formidable unit in the field, working together to provide best-in-class solutions to their partners under the leadership of Cher Koon Teo.

ISDN was founded in 2004 by grouping all subsidiaries. The group has 33 years of experience and market know-how in the field of industrial automation. ISDN evolved from a distributor of power transmission products to a motion control system provider. Today, an industrial 4.0 architect with solutions that link OT to IT in any industrial environment.

Under the leadership of CK Teo, the subsidiaries with different strengths in industrial automation are working seamlessly together with a common goal of meeting the customer’s needs.

According to CK Teo, with the development of 5G, IoT, AI, and machine learning technologies and products, there is an imperative need for industries and manufacturers to digitize and upgrade their manufacturing environment. “Embracing industrial 4.0 technologies will help to reduce waste, improve productivity, and ultimately save cost,” he adds. “Today, we are moving swiftly into the 4th industrial revolution. ISDN’s mission is to act as a catalyst to help companies evolve with this 4th industrial revolution.”

ISDN has a platform solution that operates in the cloud, empowering remote monitoring, and real-time controlling from a distant location. Industries further affirm this solution during the present pandemic period when travel has been greatly restricted. Besides, amidst the pandemic, the Group formed a JV with Erst Project GmbH

to deliver state of the art non-chemical, non- alcohol, eco-friendly, and water-based

solutions to fight the COVID-19 virus. “A test report from a German lab, Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH, has confirmed the efficacy of our product, Waterliq, against COVID-19, all enveloped viruses and non- enveloped viruses including Norovirus and Poliovirus,” adds CK Teo.

ISDN’s Remote Monitoring Solution has been widely used for Plant Facilities Monitoring to enable the organizations to manage their entire facilities from a web-based dashboard and centralized monitoring and control center. Some industries where we have installations of their remote monitoring solutions include semiconductors, water treatment, rail transportation, power plant, electronics assembly, and other F&B and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. It offers the benefit of assets and equipment operation monitoring, streamlines the maintenance work order processes, gives operational insight into the process, and enables control and optimization by regulating production and process targets.

The company’s unique style enables operational efficiency. This is different from most traditional monitoring and control systems, which have inadvertently created a situation of information overload. “Our method highlights not only on data contextualization around the operation activities but also enforce standard operating procedures and ensure timely, easy identification of abnormal conditions using situational awareness design to help the operator see what is happening, focus on the problem and deliver relevant information instantly,” adds CK Teo. “Our approach emphasizes on connecting people, applications and machines for greater collaboration, efficiency and economy.”

Talking about the days to come to the steadfast leader says there will be a profound impact on the way ISDN

conducts business and how factories operate post- pandemic. There will be greater demand for automation,

more interaction between machines, the interaction between machines and humans, and more interaction between the manufacturing shop floor and IT. “Our focus is in helping our business partners to automate their operations by offering a software platform for the machines to communicate effectively between machines and human and providing cloud solution to link the OT to IT,” he explains. “The ultimate objective is to improve productivity, reduce cost and waste so that products could be produced close to the market, with a competitive price and product performance, so as to beat the fierce competition from factories in emerging markets.”