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Rajeev Gollarahalli | Chief Business Officer | 42Q

Rajeev Gollarahalli | Chief Business Officer

"42Q offers scalability, deployment speed and the ability to pay for what the customers use only when they need it"

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The development of 42Q started 25 years ago, and was first placed into production in a few dozen factories in Sanmina and SCI, producing some of the world’s most complex telecommunications, industrial and medical equipment. Sanmina deployed the first fully automated ‘lights out’ production lines for the production of high volume medical devices twelve years ago. All electronic travellers had these lines, all electronic test data uploading (through 42Q) and traceability of key data components hyperlinked to electronic travellers. At the same time, the company had the vision for real-time global factory visibility by connecting factory and test equipment to 42Q. This capability became real eight years ago, enabling Sanmina executives to see real-time factory data anywhere in the world from their laptops.

The team saw the benefit of 42Q as a cloud solution when 42Q deployments expanded at Sanmina. The team made 42Q a cloud solution six years ago, creating the industry’s first, multi- tenant cloud-based MES, enabling Sanmina to dramatically reduce costs, increase production efficiency and, more importantly, increase accessibility while providing the ability to scale up or down securely as required, a challenge that cannot be addressed by traditional on-site MES systems. 42Q is deployed in 15 countries around the world in over 70 factories. Over 100,000 unique top level assemblies were produced using 42Q last year. Fortune 50, Fortune 500 and smaller businesses use 42Q as the base of their digital factories. For highly controlled medical, automotive and aerospace production, 42Q is used.

42Q’s MES 101 module includes the core functions needed to monitor and manage the vital production operations. MES 101 involves shop floor functions such as serialised inventory, management of cycle time, order management, regulation of process routing, verification of employees and job orders. Add main features such as monitor, trace and genealogy to that; quality features such as control plans, vital to quality concerns, and management of defects and repairs; plus, packaging, marking, updates and escalations. With MES 101, instead of the weeks or months expected for legacy MES solutions, the customers can begin using the app in just days.

Business decisions are made faster today than ever before, and the MES system deployment needs to keep up. Traditional on-premise systems require to specify and purchase server hardware, install an operating system, load application software, then test to make sure it all went as planned – which it rarely does. 42Q has robust and proven functionality ready to deploy right away. Tracking, serialization, routing, work instructions, paperless travellers and much more can be configured – and used the same day.

42Q can easily duplicate or expand on the current deployment when it comes to adding a configuration to a second line or farm. 42Q offers scalability, deployment speed and the ability to pay for what the customers use only when they need it. 42Q’s subscription model allows the clients this flexibility. Monthly costs fit better within existing budgets. The customers can start small and scale as needs change.”We also have found that a subscription model allows for a more natural adoption rate. Starting small and scaling only as users become more familiar is easy to do when you only pay for what you use.” says Rajeev Gollarahalli, chief business officer, 42Q.