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Mark A Ceely | CEO

"BECK Strategies’ first step in a client engagement is understanding their requisites and charting a plan where ServiceNow can be utilized to fulfil them"

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Creator Of a Premier Service Now Partner

BECK Strategies takes the stage as a dedicated ServiceNow partner that facilitates smooth business transformation and eliminates information silos in departments, helping each of their clients achieve business success. A service-disabled veteran-owned company primarily focused on bridging gaps within IT Operations Management (ITOM) and AIOps, BECK Strategies also leverages ServiceNow to help clients surmount challenges within IT Service Management (ITSM), Integrated Risk, and other security processes.

“We are a 100 percent dedicated ServiceNow partner, and we lend our services as managed service providers, sales partners, public sector partners, trainers, and technology specialists,” says Mark A. Ceely, Founder and CEO of BECK Strategies. Having worked in the IT industry for over two decades, Ceely observed that many ServiceNow partners did not cater to their consumers’ specific needs. “They would win the bid and proceed with their work just as they would with any general IT project. And this is not in line with the ideology of ServiceNow,” he adds.

BECK Strategies sets itself apart from the crowd by using ServiceNow technology to create a complete, functional workflow for its clients. The organization develops solutions that boost IT productivity with meticulous coding but also streamlines work for consumers who value automation and user-intuitiveness. As a customer-centric company, BECK Strategies has earned its spot as a Premier ServiceNow partner with perfect CSAT scores. “Our clients have the opportunity to work directly with platform engineers and avoid the red tape and tedious middle management that usually dissuade healthy customer interactions,” says Ceely. “We are 100% dedicated to ServiceNow. We also build apps on the platform that extend it further, such as our BECK Easy Map which helps developers and administrators save precious time when making adjustments in their instances.”

The company needs to build trust relations with key partners and stakeholders and act as a contact point for important shareholders. Ceely says that most clients who seek out new partners to implement ServiceNow solutions are mostly dissatisfied with their previous partners and not with the platform’s functionalities. Communication is maintained as a priority right from discussing requirements to building the solution to its testing and deployment. “The chances for a failed product launch are much higher when there is a lack of interaction with the client,” adds Ceely. Thus, BECK Strategies ensures that clients are always up to date with every change made to the solution during development and that it always stays in line with their vision.

An engagement highlighting this ideology is when the company was hired to revitalize a client’s legacy IT tools more than 15 years old. BECK Strategies formulated a package of ITSM, ITOM, and ITBM services to help clients manage their major projects. However, a few people within the client organization were against the proposed changes. This would have been extremely detrimental to both parties if the plans were finalized without consistent communication. “We held daily meetings with the client to understand their mission and why certain members opposed it,” continues Ceely. Eventually, the company replaced those employees and followed a successful and quick 12-week implementation of the three proposed modules. Had the project been completed without proper client interactions, the adoption would be poor, and the company would incur tremendous losses.

A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

The company provides consulting for firms ranging from Small and Midsize Business (SMB) up to Fortune 140 and government agencies as a Federal Certified Vendor. Beck Strategies teams up with the DOD providing the SkillBridge program. This program, designed by the DOD and used by BECK Strategies to train military service members, offers complete internships and pre-apprenticeships with approved civilian employers. “Although the vocabulary and the type of work may differ from that within the military, employees’ experience, working in a structured organization is greatly beneficial in a commercial setting,” adds Ceely. During the internship program, veterans are trained in ServiceNow and can earn more than sixteen certifications while also learning how to communicate effectively with customers. Upon completing SkillBridge, veterans are well equipped to either work for BECK Strategies or any other ServiceNow partner. “Another benefit of hiring ex-military personnel is that customers are more likely to trust employees who have a history of diligence and a structured work regimen,” says Ceely.

“When working with clients in the local or federal government, attaining security clearance may sometimes prove to be a challenging task. However, since BECK Strategies is partnered with the DOD, the firm can have clearances sorted pre-emptively and onboard clients much sooner than its competitors. This is especially useful within the current market, wherein government organizations, from the military to treasury and administration services, have opted to move their processes into cloud-based platforms akin to ServiceNow.

“Our company is founded on the principle that businesses require honesty, integrity, and personalization to be successful,” says Ceely. Both the BECK team and its clients are considered part of a family, forging strong bonds that take precedence over sales and profit. BECK Strategies, at its core, is an organization that functions with the sole goal of assisting its clientele effortlessly accomplish their objectives with the proper utilization of ServiceNow.

A Future Leader

Mark A. Ceely made an entry into the world of IT during his service in the US Army as a multi-channel communications specialist. As a veteran himself, he founded BECK Strategies and has partnered with the Department of Defense (DOD) to transition military personnel into a commercial workforce over the last six months of their enlisting period.

20+ years of combined project management, business management, leadership, and technical experience in multiple industries, has made Ceely one of the most accomplished business leaders today. Mark has become a leader in the ServiceNow ecosystem with his proven strong technical ability, communication skills, and continual improvement across varied disciplines. In the past two decades, he worked with HP, IBM, and Columbus Communications. Joining Columbus in 2008, Mark was responsible for the Network Management Systems that included Columbus Networks, Cable Bahamas, and the Flow entities in the Caribbean. In 2011 Mark moved on in his career to consulting directly for IBM. As of 2015, Mark joined Infosys Limited as a Principal - Enterprise Applications. Anchoring the engagement effort for assignments, all the way from business process consulting and problem definition to solution design, development, and deployment. Shaping consulting solutions that enable clients to meet the changing needs of the global landscape. Mark is on the constant lookout for new opportunities to further his career, and now in 2018,Mark has decided to launch his venture in BECK Strategies as Co-Founder & CEO. He has taken BECK Strategies from a Registered ServiceNow Partner to Premier status in three short months with his leadership. “I never deliver what was promised; I always over deliver more than what was expected! That’s it, it’s that simple!” he says.

Ceely is leading and motivating a team to advance employee engagement to develop a high performing managerial team. “In one word ‘ownership’! We build a unity of ownership so no matter what function or job duty someone has at BECK Strategies, they feel part of the ownership of the overall vision and goals we have set forth. We work as a family to support and drive each other to success all collectively doing our parts for the whole of the organization. From top to bottom we keep our organization transparent which motivates everyone to perform at a higher level.”

It is pertinent to mention that BECK Strategies is poised to attain an Elite or Global Elite ServiceNow partner shortly. The organization aims to lend its expertise in ServiceNow to the growing federal and higher education markets within the country and across Central and South America. BECK Strategies will also be launching several applications and integrations in the ServiceNow app store to kick off 2021 and expedite customer deployments.