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Bobby Balachandran | President & CEO | Exterro

Bobby Balachandran | President & CEO

""We could go on and on about our commitment to innovation, analyst accolades, awards we’ve won, customer satisfaction and other self-congratulatory things you’re used to seeing on pages like this.""

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Delivers a Fully Integrated Legal GRC Platform

Exterro was created with a clear vision that applying process optimization and data science principles to how businesses handle digital information and respond to litigation would drive more efficient results at a lower cost. The company will remain committed to this vision today as the company delivers a fully integrated Legal GRC platform that enables clients to address their regulatory, compliance and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs. With software solutions that span privacy, legal operations, compliance, cybersecurity and information governance, Exterro helps some of the world’s largest organizations work smarter and more efficiently.

“We could go on and on about our commitment to innovation, analyst accolades, awards we’ve won, customer satisfaction and other self- congratulatory things you’re used to seeing on pages like this.” says Bobby Balachandran, President & CEO, Exterro. Exterro’s group of passionate, talented and experienced executives are all focused on ensuring the delivery of the world-class e-discovery and legal software solutions clients need to manage information smarter. But Exterro’s success is driven by the employees. Each of us brings a unique perspective, but collectively share many of the same traits — friendly, creative, focused, determined, and passionate. If the client shares a desire to help the world’s most discerning companies with their e-discovery and legal challenges, we’d love to have the client join the team.

Exterro’s DSAR Portal enables organizations to deploy a website on which requests can easily be submitted by consumers, employees, prospective employees or contractors. The portal ensures consistent information is gathered at time of request and also offers an efficient means for communicating with the data subject should additional information be required. The Portal offers the ability to ensure the request process cannot start without verification of the subject’s identity. Exterro’s DSAR solution includes easily configurable workflows that automate all the tasks and activities associated with the entire DSAR process. Once a request is made via the Portal,appropriate personnel are notified of required actions, such as validating, searching and fulfilling requested information. Dashboards provide visibility into the status of every action, looming or missed deadlines, data collection progress and much more. Exterro provides authorized personnel the ability to quickly find information stored across clients IT infrastructure. Once requested information is identified, one-click collection capability retrieves them for further review, redaction, delivery or other actions. The system also includes advanced analytics that help the client determine data volume and estimate costs associated with each request. Once all the information has been reviewed, Exterro offers the ability to easily package and return the documents to the requestor. Automated workflow facilitates communication back to the data subject once the document file is ready.

Exterro’s Data Inventory is built on an enterprise-grade relational database that enables the client to model data; on-line, offline and with third-parties from a seven-object perspective (Processing Activities, Applications, Third Parties, Countries, Departments, Record Types, and Data Subjects). It integrates data retention and a host of other regulatory and business considerations and aggregates discovery data from other sources.

Data Retention provides every component necessary, including an enterprise-class data inventory with a content rich library of regulatory considerations to rapidly, appropriately, and defensibly dispose of unnecessary email, paper, and other records and data. Rapidly and accurately profile all the vendors, including law firms, to ensure they are in compliance with current legal and regulatory obligations. Reduce the legal risks with the world’s most effective and defensible solution available.