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Mike Tiong | CEO  | McCoy Holdings

Mike Tiong | CEO
McCoy Holdings

“ We have helped our clients to implement the operational process, collection of historical data, RPA to manage their problems, IoT consultancy to set up the engine for business-related data into the enterprise system from the production line and operations “

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Mccoy-On Demand Enterprise System (ODES) End to end technology solution providers

Bad records management can decrease efficiency, waste time, and cause stress. Many organizations lose 30% to 50% of their workday while finding misplaced documents and paperwork. Poor filing systems have always been a major reason for delays in finding specific documents, leading to almost 50% of the employees losing productivity due to unorganized tasks, such as manual invoicing, data entry, inventory management, and data management – which are all prone to human error. 

McCoy Holdings brought digital business transformation for clients based on their unique business model and SOP, which helped improve efficiency and operational flow to streamline the business processes. McCoy implemented strategic enterprise workflow automation with a single fully customized enterprise resource planning system (ERP). SMART On-Demand Enterprise Solutions (ODES) cloud solution empowers company digital transformation by bringing people, technology, and processes together to become a connected business through digital technology and a digital platform.

Internationally renowned brands in IoT, microchips and other components enjoy unlimited access to the highly outstanding distribution network McCoy Holdings has. As a leader in supply chain management and components manufacturing and distributions, McCoy Holdings has also evolved in in IoT solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Intelligent ERP (i-ERP), and IoT enabled ERP solutions. McCoy also specialize in blockchain, business model consultancy, go-to-market (GTM) strategy, digital media platforms, Internet of things (IoT), and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).

At the forefront of an extensive digital expansion, McCoy spearheads the development into digital media, digital asset technology, ERP and CRM solutions. The company houses a team of experts – specialising in R&D and technology development – that consistently work with McCoy’s partners to deliver sterling solutions for our clients. McCoy’s R&D team combines IoT, Machine to Machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into intelligent ERP solutions. This then creates secure, sophisticated and scalable solutions – bringing them to market with McCoy enterprise-grade software framework. 

“We have a team of experts in various domains who are solely focusing on their areas of expertise. IoT specialists are focusing on R&D, IoT consultancy, IoT implementation, and IoT support. Our development team is focusing on ERP solutions integrated with IoT, AI, machine learning, and robotics therefore we are always coming up with new technology solutions,” says Mike Tiong, CEO of McCoy Holdings. “As a result, we are moving forward from the traditional ERP system to an Intelligent ERP system which is also called NextGen ERP solutions.” 

The company has started On-Demand Enterprise Solutions: “ODES, the Start of your Digital Transformation.” As the leading ERP solution, ODES supports the evolution of Intelligent ERP. It also enables the easy integration of various devices with the help of the IoT box and IoT module. Utilising McCoy components and IoT platforms can develop customer-specific IoT use cases, such as running smart factories, warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, etc. based on real-time data. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT with ODES also scale enterprises to the next level. Ultimately, these increase overall productivity, efficiency and security. Such platforms and services include Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Software, CRM System, Supply Chain (SCM) System, Warehouse and Inventory System (WMS), Talent Management System (HR), Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Sales Automation System, Social Marketing Automation System, Website and ECommerce Builder System, and IoT/IIoT Integration Platform.

The company’s partners are component manufacturers, IoT suppliers, software development houses, cloud service providers, system and network integrators, and mobile app developers. 

What makes McCoy different is its unique business model. “We are not an ordinary IoT solution provider neither a traditional ERP solutions provider,” says Mike Tiong. “Our experts can proficiently create IoT frameworks along with our own software development kit (SDK) which suit our customer’s business requirements. Our USP is to understand our customer’s pain points and come up with a new business modelling structure through McCoy OnDemand enterprise solutions.” 

McCoy is offering an ERP system with IoT integration for industry 4.0 where they are combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Internet of things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – giving us a novel proposition in the technology era. Their solutions include business planning, business restructuring, business process reengineering, business modelling, and gap analysis. “After understanding our client’s business model, we come up with solutions on how to implement the systems and core functionalities,” adds Mike Tiong. 

Usually, the customer does not understand how to automate the business processes – that’s when McCoy steps in to provide high-level business consultancy. “We have helped clients implement the operational process, collection of historical data, RPA to manage their problems and IoT consultancy

to set up the engine for business-related data into the enterprise system from the production line and operations,” says Tiong. 

With SMART ODES, digital transformation has enabled companies with:

• Improved Customer Experience

• Increased Operational Workflow and Agility

• Enhancement of Workforce • Better Work Culture

• Integration of Digital Technology

Presently, McCoy has clients from various industries. They would like to dive into different verticals; therefore, they are working on numerous enterprise solutions that will help customers digitalize their workflow, go paperless, work from home, achieve 5G solutions, and develop their Intelligent ERP (I-ERP). “Some of our future products are SMART IoT based Agriculture Solution, SMART IoT based Healthcare Solution, SMART IIoT based Manufacturing Solution, SMART Wholesale & Distribution Management Solution, and SMART Supply Chain Management Solution,” concludes Mike Tiong.