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“Under the guidance of Dr. Den Burnside, Newave has evolved into an RFID solution design boutique providing superior patented technology coupled with both proprietary RF solution designs and performance testing.”

10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2021

Accelerating the item-level RFID marketplace

Newave® began as a provider of item-level RFID hardware components. The founder and Chief Technology Officer, Walter Dennis Burnside Ph.D. EE, formerly the Director of the renowned Ohio State University’s ElectroScience Laboratory, is a world-class RF expert with decades of experience in providing innovative solutions to complex RF problems. Under his direction, the wave® antenna was created and patented. This expertise has led to six RFID patents. Newave works with end-users and system integrators to design, test and implement unique item-level RFID solutions consistently resulting in more than 99% real-time RFID tag read rates. The wave is the only RFID antenna designed specifically for item-level RFID and has been consistently proven to outperform competitive antenna technology.


Retailers understand the importance of reacting to consumers’ needs and the value of controlling inventory to ensure an in-stock position without excess inventory. According to a Deloitte Consulting study on Tech Trends in 2021, eight of 10 retailers expect moderate to major supply chain technology investment in 2021. Order fulfillment will see the heaviest investment, followed by warehouse management and procurement. Given the disruption consumers felt during the pandemic, it will be important for retailers to build consumer confidence by winning the last mile, fortifying every link in the supply chain while ensuring the performance of this investment meets expectations. RFID technology best meets this need.

Retail Smart Shelf

Newave’s channel partners have been focused on systems integration to improve inventory accuracy, retail productivity, granular data availability, and insightful analytics. Item-level RFID provides the opportunity to track items in real-time at any priority point in the supply chain ultimately to be fully integrated throughout the supply chain more effectively and efficiently than any competitive technology. 

Newave’s technology coupled with their proprietary design capability created the award-winning retail smartShelf™. This patented RFID solution is designed to prevent retail out of stocks (OOS) and do so without placing tags on items to be tracked. The smartShelf provides realtime shelf inventory at the item level. SmartShelf places RFID tags on the product pushers, when the facing is full the pusher spring covers the tags, as items are removed the pusher paddle moves forward, the wave antenna then sees the exposed tags enabling Newave’s patented Nobel™ reader to instantaneously record the change in inventory. Item movement data is immediately accessible wirelessly via any authorized smart device. The smartShelf sends instantaneous alerts to store personnel when a defined  low stock situation occurs allowing restocking before an OOS. The smartShelf can also be integrated with closedcircuit TV and programmed to instantly alert to a possible theft. Granular historical smartShelf data enables forensic analysis to assess unit sales to the second if required, as well as planogram compliance and optimization, promotion analysis, new product sales, distribution and more. In the real world, smartShelf has performed superbly by reducing OOS time on the Top 20% of SKUs by nearly 64% in the first month following store personnel training. The Newave’s smartShelf presents a unique opportunity for retailers and marketers to have real-time access to shelf inventory. The depth of the data is uniquely granular, down to sales by facing by time by store, by district, region, nationally, etc. This allows the assessment of not only sales but also productivity, such as in-store restocking time between a low-stock alert to product replenishment, logistics plan for replenishment and production planning, etc. ROIs to date range between seven to 10 months depending upon the category.

Logistics Productivity

Newave’s logistics partner is Smart Label Solutions (SLS). This partnership designed the first and only plug&play dock door portal which reads 99%+ of tagged items passing through the portal. Driving this emerging market, SLS has installed approximately 10,000 plug&play portals in the last few years, significantly more than any other systems integrator in the world. Plug&play is uniquely accomplished by embedding Wave antennas in each portal panel enabling up to an 80% reduction in installation time. Due to antenna embedding no on-site adjustment is required, the portals are bolted into the floor, cables are connected with power supplied via ethernet and the portal is operational. Antenna embedding maintains portal alignment minimizing followon maintenance. ROIs range from days to consistently less than nine months.

A Bright Future

Superior technology, proprietary solution designs, and quality control testing, is enabling Newave to simultaneously take advantage of the acceleration of RFID and to expand market share. Newave’s partnership with SLS has grown to be the world’s leading provider of dock door portals. This partnership model is how Newave wishes to “go to market” with smartShelf, SIMS, and Newave’s new wearable product that is in the final stages of development. Newave is seeking potential partners for each of these products globally. Newave is expanding into the Asia-Pacific Region partnering with Wistron NeWeb Corp (WNC) with projects underway in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Australia. In summary, Newave is extremely positive about the future with the prospect for both RFID advancement and especially for Newave’s success within this rapidly growing market.