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Danny Basu & Roger Pakalapatty | Founders | UnbiaZed

Danny Basu & Roger Pakalapatty | Founders

“ Today we have hundreds of successful case studies across the spectrum of digital marketing, and we do count our blessings. So, with our eyes on the stars, and our feet on the ground, we strive on….“

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The challenge faced by giant Fortune companies to medium-sized enterprises is their need for rapid digital transition. The traditional methods that succeeded in their erstwhile marketing efforts are no longer effective, and most of their target audience is now online. Secondly, even after identifying the need for digital transformation, several companies struggle to position and amplify their most effective online channels, resulting in a suboptimal return on investment. Unbiazed LLC is at the forefront of digital technology and has helped companies optimize their marketing ROI through their proven AI-driven optimization plans. 

“While each project is unique and needs a specific tailormade solution, we do take advantage of the data aggregation and analysis for specific industry verticals and best practice attributes,” says Danny Basu, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Unbiazed. “We then fine-tune the plan through a fine-tuned rigorous A/B split testing process, then follow up with conversion analysis for a customized solution. Our solutions have consistently resulted in successful optimization projects which are holistic and integrated across online channels, which feed off each other.”

Roger Pakalapatty, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, and Danny have been in the Digital Marketing space since 2005 when they founded Intact Info Solutions, another successful online agency specializing in SEO and online text and publisher network search marketing. In 2012 and 2013, the leading search engines like Google came out with multiple updates that forever transformed the digital landscape. It is against this backdrop Unbiazed was conceptualized and born. Every methodology was based on cutting-edge technology with no legacy influence. “While we are growing rapidly, with significant growth year over year, we also understood the need to specialize in today’s online marketing scenario. In the last 6 years, we have built a deep learning in specific targeted verticals like the medical and dental industry, home renovation and real estate,” adds Roger. “Our solutions are now 360 degrees online presence, with organic, paid, social media, content marketing and reputation management as multiple integrated components which work seamlessly with each other.”

Digital Marketing Needs

As the saying goes, the only constant thing is change. Change is inevitable, more so in a fast-evolving industry like digital marketing. The company is dedicated to research and process improvement as critical success factors in the organization. “We are fortunate to have a team which lives and breathes digital marketing, and we follow an organic bottom-up approach to our process feedback and fine tuning,” says Roger. Both Roger and Danny are established thought leaders in the digital marketing space and regularly participates in industry and vertical outreaches to understand the trends and nuances. Our strategy’s second important tenet is strict adherence to Google best practices, also known as white hat marketing, setting expectations for a long-term sustainable integrated marketing strategy. “Our results speak for themselves – we have an enviable customer retention ratio. Not only that, but our customers are also our best salespersons, with most new accounts coming from customer references,” adds Roger.

According to Roger, identifying and implementing cost-effective automation campaigns help customers expand reach and convert customers. “While all our projects are custom and caters to each clients’ specific marketing objective, we also take advantage of our large  data aggregation, attribute best practices and conversion funneling techniques,” explains the steadfast leader. “Our customers reap the benefits of leveraging cumulative learning of hundreds of successful earlier vertical campaigns, normalized for geotargets and demographics.” This helps to sharply shorten campaign learning time, resulting in the clients hitting the ground running. Each step in their marketing campaigns is benchmarked with industry averages, and any variance is examined and auto fine-tuned. “This is especially pronounced in our search marketing campaigns, which often involves a larger dollar footprint. Our automation campaigns are nimble and has several cross checks and mitigation techniques to maximize value for our clients,” says Danny.

Unbiazed is blessed to be in an industry that is growing and on the cutting edge, which means several successful and growing companies in the industry. 

Roger and Danny believe that strong competition keeps them on their toes and spurs further growth. They think that the age of one behemoth generic industry leader is over, and new-age domains like digital marketing will remain fragmented. “We have identified specific industry verticals where we have built strong cumulative learning and consciously limited our reach, instead choosing to deepen expertise, and have painstakingly built our intercontinental team, with complimentary skill sets,” says Danny. “We are among a very few companies in our industry which proudly services all our offerings through our core team, with no outsourcing.” The company’s strengths are vertical domain knowledge in their target sectors, ability to adapt to cutting-edge technology faster while understanding their clients’ business needs and challenges. “We count our blessing having a stable core team with minimal attrition and our founders’ hands-on business and technical consulting backgrounds, which sets us apart from the competition.”

Stable Growth

Unbiazed has always aimed for long-term stable growth in manageable increments so that their people and processes can keep pace and not dilute any best practices. This has helped them in thwarting competition and take advantage of any gaps that some of their competitions have left open. 

In an instance, a renowned dentistry practice, which expanded quickly but was struggling to fill appointments, taking the assistance of Unbiazed to scale itself. This client was to the point they were thinking of downsizing,but within a short few weeks from the start of Unbiazed’s engagement, all facets of their dentistry practice, including orthodontics, showed healthy appointment scheduling. 

 Another example was a large real estate company, which had a lot of attrition amongst their agent populace. The result was a fragmented haphazard adoption of processes. The company implemented an integrated intranet with automated workflows, training modules, online process documents, support PDF documents, legal and accounting help on demand. The result was happy agents, lower attrition, and a more standardized process. This proved invaluable during the pandemic when everyone worked offsite.

Another example is a European manufacturer which was struggling to enter the US market. We explained the nuances of the US market in the home renovations market. In less than a year, their web traffic in the USA doubled, and they selected Unbiazed for their UK and Southern African marketing.

Transforming with Technology

The company is always looking for the latest technology trends. Some of the latest technology trends are very useful for their smaller and medium-sized clients, yet typically there is a lag of technology penetration from large corporates to smaller companies. With the fast adaptation of hardware and internet technology, benchmarks previously the preserve of large Fortune 500 companies are now within the realm of possibility for smaller clients. Unbiazed is leveraging some cloud and SAAS opportunities in speed, responsiveness, and customizations for their smaller and medium-sized clients. 

 Discussing further on the technology trends, Danny says, big data by itself does not transform, but leveraging it through human intuition does. They help clients of specific verticals gain benefits of industry best practices while correcting for the noise, which is often a by-product of data aggregation. Alongside, open-source technology has now come of age. Whether it is e-commerce site funneling or multiple-point hand-holding with automated chats, or with telehealth and other automated opportunities, the future of digital marketing seems bright, they are trying their best to execute these exciting technologies for the client base.

The organic search engine optimization process is often misunderstood. While it is the base and the most critical component of online marketing, there are some misgivings as key performance indicators are often abstract. “Our unique approach has identified several quantitative milestones that can objectively measure progress. We also understand SEO when measured in isolation is often misleading,” says Roger. “That is why our solutions are always solution or objective based, with the final goal being customer or sales attainment, with various milestones geared towards that goal.” 

Towards the Future

The company’s dental practice marketing has matured, with over 50 dental practices dominating in nonoverlapping markets. Unbiazed is now expanding its dental practice to a national presence in all continental US states. Similarly, they are rapidly ramping up their medical and cosmetic surgery marketing and are also expanding internationally, with clients in Australia, Europe, and Africa, hoping to break through into Asia soon.

The team is confident that Unbiazed will continue its steady growth. While the Covid-19 situation was challenging, they emerged stronger with their entire team intact. The recent pandemic helped them in improving their processes. As more companies and entities understand the need to be more digital, and with internet penetration continuing, the future never looked brighter.

As with any successful growing businesses, the company go through their teething challenges and overcome them. “While we are excited about the future, we are also cognizant of the need to be proactive and grounded while retaining our core principles of white hat methodology and our commitment towards research and our vision of bringing latest digital search technology to our small and medium sized clientele,” says Danny. “Every day we remind ourselves of our humble beginning, when Danny and Roger, first generation immigrants, set forth with dreams and hope. Today we have hundreds of successful case studies across the spectrum of digital marketing, and we do count our blessings. So, with our eyes on the stars, and our feet on the ground, we strive on….”