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10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2021(vol-1)


The challenge faced by giant Fortune companies to medium-sized enterprises is their need for rapid digital transition. The traditional methods that succeeded in their erstwhile marketing efforts are no longer effective, and most of their target audience is now online.

Altemir Consulting

Altemir Consulting designs and introduces organizational enhancements for production and distribution businesses.


Analytics2Go has an end-to-end AI platform for enterprise-level businesses and SMBs.

Demand Solutions

Demand Management is the developer of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Network, which helps companies seize new markets, expose and adapt to evolving market conditions and handle their diverse industries more profitably.

eFlex Systems

The solutions of the eFlex Systems framework are modular, web-based and presented on a single application framework.

Johanson Transportation Service

Johanson Transportation Service (JTS) is a leading third-party logistics company helping businesses navigate their supply chain with Justified Timely Solutions to address their specific market challenges.


MRCC has been a first-time employee and partner organization and it has always been the company’s priority to ensure the well-being of its associates.


Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform lets the customers turn interviews into virtual meetings in an instant, in a batch or one at a time.


Signavio helps companies to keep up with the speed, volume and scope of transition.

Tutelar Technologies

Tutelar Technologies has been delivering leading plant floor solutions for more than 30 years. The business focuses on four main fields for delivering superior goods and services to manufacturing customers.