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Robert Pfeffer |  Owner & President | Pace Air Freight

Robert Pfeffer | Owner & President
Pace Air Freight

“It is our fiduciary responsibility to protect the health safety and welfare of the general public through efficient and secure cold chain management.”

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State of the art pharmaceutical focused transportation and storage solutions

Today in the freight arena, airline wait times, reliability, excursions, climate control needs, proper equipment, knowledge of the cold chain process, engagement, validated storage at airports, packaging needs have culminated into major challenges. The hour’s need is specialized equipment, client-specific SOPs, TSA explosive trace detection (ETD), temp monitoring (on multiple platforms), validated temperature-controlled storage in multiple temperature ranges, passive packaging, additional warehousing services. Addressing these challenges for nearly 40 years, PACE Air Freight has specialized in and transporting temperaturesensitive cargo, utilizing their custom Temperature controlled roller-bed trailers, which minimizes the recovery time and exposure of cargo is reduced.

 Robert Pfeffer, Owner & President of PACE Air Freight, started the company in 1975, working with general air freight, airport to airport, to improve the air freight process. “Initially with a facility in Indianapolis then began to expand to ORD in the 1980s, CVG then SDF. I hired my first employee around 1977, and by 1979, I had three drivers other than myself, operating out of Indianapolis,” he says. “I was working with an airline in Puerto Rico where I was introduced to transporting pharmaceuticals and the cold chain process and started our LTL services.” At that point, the company began to evolve and focus on the cold chain culture and pharma products’ transportation. In the 1990s, the airplane began to come directly from Puerto Rico to Indianapolis, “this was when the innovation of our temperature-controlled roller bed equipment came to life because of a customer needing a solution. In the 2000’s we actively engaged telematics, validated storage facilities, and specialized equipment for pharmaceuticals as well as embracing GDP,” explains Robert. “During this time, we started to understand the cold chain culture and the need for enhanced solutions, which drove us to develop enhanced collaboration with our customers driving us to be a total solutions provider.” Throughout the last 15 years, PACE has added multiple services and solutions they can offer customers, including:

• Lab relocation trailer • Independent Temperature and GPS Trackers with Customer Visibility

• In house Quality Program with a dedicated quality team

• Specialized Pharma Electrified Response Vehicle (S.P.E.R.V.)

• Envirotainer Ground Handler • CCSF (TSA Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

• validated pharma cold storage at our strategically located terminals

The team members at PACE Air Freight all have one thing in common, their desire to get clients’ cargo from point A to B without worry or concern. The team accomplishes this by staying focused on their client’s standards and maintaining the industry’s highest level of professionalism through hi-tech security and tracking for location and temperature control. PACE staff is trained and certified in their areas of expertise, ensuring a “smooth ride” every time clients call. They provide next-day shipping service, via domestic trucking, to and from the markets of Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville, KY, serving additional markets upon request and currently authority 48 states.

PACE is, TSA CCSF (Certified Cargo Screen Facility), Certified by Envirotainer as a Ground Handler aligns itself with FDA/USDA requirements to offer storage coolers for protecting freight during customs holds and provides dry ice replenishing services. PACE is capable of handling the most sensitive cargo and always adheres to the strictest security standards. They work directly with the airlines and forwarders to create a cold chain validation solution to fit clients’ needs. Their state-of-the-art technology provides the safety, security, backup resources, and tracking required by even the most stringent protocols.

They go above and beyond to ensure customer’s high-value shipments arrive safely without compromising quality by customizing services through client-specific SOPs based on customers’ requests, high security internal keyless locks, temperature monitoring, customer visibility. Today, PACE has specialized in the transportation and storage of diagnostic and pharmaceutical goods of all kinds and has written SOPs, including customized client-specific SOPs for all processes. They offer custom services by creating a process or SOP’s with customers based on their unique needs. As the pharma industry evolves, PACE is constantly improving its processes to provide customers solutions that aren’t yet available.

Bundling selective services for individual customers enables them to provide more value, reduce risk and enhance the customer experience. PACE offers this unique array of customizable services by bundling services, and enhanced technology enables PACE to provide progressive processes—they’re forwardthinking towards the introduction of blockchain and the adoption of ATP certification of their equipment.

For the days to come, PACE is expanding its current operations base to include a new 200-acre Technology/Life Science Park adjacent to the Indianapolis Airport. They are also about to release a specialized trailer (Specialized Pharma Electrified Response Vehicle). S.P.E.R.V is a temperature-controlled electrified roller bed trailer specially designed to handle active containers providing power while on the tarmac or traveling down the road. With an enhanced TCU and a specially designed 20k tier 4 generator mounted on the underbelly of the trailer, it is one of a kind self-sustaining state of the art piece of equipment. “We also offer our Lab Relocation Trailer, which gives us the capabilities to provide mobile COVID-19 inoculation distribution including a workstation and redundant temperature control units multi temp trailers to provide transport of products at multiple temperatures improving the integrity of the product,” says Robert. “Temperature controlled roller bed trailers are our focus and validated pharma storage facilities offered at 20C, 5C and -20C strategically located near major airports is our mission.”