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Matt Baglia | Founder & CEO | SlickText

Matt Baglia | Founder & CEO

“ SlickText’s proprietary features help the customers achieve a whole new level of segmentation and personalization, far beyond the basics, by customizing when and how text messages are sent based on customer actions ”

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Helping Businesses Drive Sales Through Texts

Businesses are always looking for ways to develop strong connections with their audiences, but that’s become more important than ever in a time when email inboxes and news feeds are saturated with information. It’s now incredibly difficult to break through the noise with relevant information about your brand and establish an ongoing connection. At SlickText, they empower customers to overcome this challenge by providing powerful tools to take advantage of the incredible opportunities text messaging offers. SlickText’s proprietary features help the customers achieve a whole new level of segmentation and personalization, far beyond the basics, by customizing the timing and content of text messages based on customer actions. 

SlickText is an example of “ the American Dream.” It was founded in 2012 in a small apartment in New York state, and has grown into a multi-million-dollar business servicing the world’s top brands and largest companies. They now support over 40,000 customers and have two headquarters in the United States.

Through the periods of massive growth, one thing has remained the same— SlickText has always been a product-led company. This is unique for technology companies these days. Many focus on selling their brand without doing the hard work of developing a strong product first. SlickText placed the platform’s innovation and development at the forefront. Because of this they are now considered the leader in text messaging communications. Even in the early years, SlickText was recognized as an “Innovator of the Year” consistently and was honored and even recognized by the White House because of their focus on innovation and development.

For retailers, the text messaging capabilities that SlickText provides have become a modern essential. Through a well-executed text messaging campaign, retailers can build customer loyalty and create urgency to purchase. A simple text message can reach thousands of customers simultaneously. Not just that, but text messaging allows retailers to stay in touch with customers throughout the entire order process— from consideration to shipping or curbside pickup. It solves the practical need to communicate information about order status, which is especially important as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains and delivery schedules. 

According to Matt Baglia, Founder and CEO, of SlickText, the text message marketing software he created doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use, and there is no implementation time. “It’s simple to get started and you can use it from your computer or phone, via our app. Because we are continuously listening to feedback from our customers, we have developed over 200 features to help marketers with the nuances of their campaigns,” he said. “Most importantly, our software integrates with almost every other business software you might be using. We even have custom integrations with some of the most popular softwares such as Shopify. 

We are also very big on marketing automation and have developed features that allow you to fully automate text messaging at every point in your sales cycle.” 

This is something businesses like Midas have taken advantage of. Midas relies heavily on customer loyalty— about 60% of their business is attributed to repeat sales. Staying in touch with customers in between car maintenance appointments is key to retaining top-of-mind brand awareness. But, customer communication preferences are changing, especially as millennials and Gen Z transition to becoming household decision-makers when it comes to spending in major categories. Mike Mirski, general manager of Midas, opted to switch from email to text marketing to send coupons and build loyalty. His campaigns ended up bringing him a 200% return on investment, all thanks to SlickText. Developing a text message strategy from scratch was easy for Mirski to implement, and once he reviewed the data he expanded his campaign to eight locations.

SlickText is one of the pioneers of text message marketing and is the leader in the field, an achievement they attribute to their customers. “We focus all of our energy on how to best serve our customers. It’s true that there are many new platforms coming to the market, but ours is by far the most robust text message marketing solution out there, combined with having the most user-friendly interface,” said Baglia. “We have been in this game a long time and have the advantage of many years of research and development that have helped us to create a superior platform. We have over 200 features because we listen to our customers.” 

When customers ask for new capabilities, SlickText gets to work building those into their platform. “We have created the most robust text message automation tools on the market today as a result of the increasing importance of marketing automation in 2021. That’s how we have remained the market leader” instead of “a market leader.”

Baglia feels SlickText is just getting started. Industries such as education, retail, restaurant, medical, and corporate communications are quickly recognizing the value of text messaging as a strategy. “Our hope is that we continue to build a feature-rich product that our customers are proud to use and brings them monetary success,” he said.