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10 Best Tech Companies of 2021

Pace Air Freight

Today in the freight arena, airline wait times, reliability, excursions, climate control needs, proper equipment, knowledge of the cold chain process, engagement, validated storage at airports, packaging needs have culminated into major challenges.

Red Piranha

Securing an organisation is an ongoing journey that involves consideration across various areas, including policy, compliance, training and technology


Businesses are always looking for ways to develop strong connections with their audiences, but that’s become more important than ever in a time when email inboxes and news feeds are saturated with information.

Altair Global

Altair Global has been providing outstanding mobility experiences to clients and consumers worldwide since 1989. Supported by advanced, dynamic technologies, our emphasis on experience management in our full-service multinational assignment and relocation services fuels quality development and creativity.

Altemir Consulting

Altemir Consulting designs and introduces organizational enhancements for production and distribution businesses.

Demand Solutions

Demand Management is the developer of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Network, which helps companies seize new markets, expose and adapt to evolving market conditions and handle their diverse industries more profitably

Hire IQ

Founded in 2009, HireIQ is a privately-held company based in Atlanta, Ga. HireIQ is the leading provider of talent management technologies in the consumer interaction industry.


MRCC has been a first-time employee and partner organization and it has always been the company’s priority to ensure the well-being of its associates.


Oleeo’s mission is to help recruiters achieve this better and more effectively than ever before.

XONEX Relocation

XONEX is a full-service, privately owned multinational relocation services firm. With decades of experience, we represent consumers who invest in a leading, high-touch, imaginative and cost-effective relocation package for their workers