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What have SHEQ and Compliance Managers been reading in 2020

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone, and Compliance Managers have been under increasing pressure to implement new routines and procedures. So what have we been reading about?

The Spedan blog articles have been published at full tilt throughout the year, trying to bring our community insights and information that helps them to manage their ISO management systems and meet compliance obligations.

Our top ten articles really reflect the challenges that people have been facing. Here’s our top ten countdown!

Number 10: 5 steps of the ISO 9001 audit process

Many organisations have used COVID as the catalyst to getting their house in order and we’ve put a record number of new Clients through the Certification Process. For most, the audit process they undergo from a Certification Body can be confusing. Hopefully, this article helps them understand it better!

Number 9: 3 benefits of internal health and safety audits

ISO 45001, the new ISO standard for Occupational Health and Safety was introduced in 2018, but increasing numbers of organisations are starting to use it to manage this critical elements effectively.

This article has definitely helped Compliance Managers to make the business case successfully.

Number 8: 5 Core Guidelines for Employee Mental Health During Lockdown

Mental Health has been a critical issue during 2020. Many people faced with the prospect of continued working from home might experience poor mental health as a result so Compliance Managers need to manage situations to keep employees happy and productive during this very difficult and stressful time

Number 7: How to succeed at remote audits

Remote audits became the thing in 2021. This was a new and scary situation for everyone but ended up in the main a really effective and efficient way of auditing management systems.

This video shared some of our experience of remote audits, and gave some useful insights to organisations that now continue to use remote audits.

Number 6: GDPR A regulation to protect your data and information

The GDPR regulations were ground breaking in 2018 and brought all the Data Protection requirements into a single UK Act that protects individuals and their data. The fact that this article reached number 6 in our countdown shows that GDPR is still critical for many organisations to understand.

Number 5: History of ISO 14001:2015

Environmental issues came to the fore in 2019 with the Plastics issues, and increasing coverage of the Carbon crisis we are in has definitely piqued the need for organisations to think about Environmental Management.

This ever-popular article gives a few insights into the ISO 14001 Standard and where it came from.

Number 4: Safely managing contractors ISO 45001

ISO 45001 provides a practical, risk-based approach to safe contractor management. If you are managing an ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management system, a real challenge can be safe contractor management, as these workers may work for another organisation and report to a separate line of management.

Accidents and incidents can often be attributed to the poor selection of contractors which can have a detrimental impact including loss of life, physical disability, mental health and financial impact.

Because of this, ISO 45001:2018 requires you to implement and maintain a process to control the procurement of external providers (contractor management).

The increased activity of the HSE and visits to sites will definitely have inspired Compliance and SHEQ managers to beef up controls on this.

Number 3: History of ISO 9001:2015

The article remains in our top 10 year on year. The ISO 9001 standard has now got a history over the last 50 years that shows how it has developed and improved in line with modern business. Definitely worth the 5 minute read.

Number 2: Significant Energy Use explained

Carbon, Carbon, Carbon!! The drumbeat of legislation is pushing every company to improved energy performance and the ISO 50001 provides an excellent platform for 

Compliance and Environmental Managers to start to manage this important topic. It’s shot to number 2 in our most read articles of 2020.

In ISO 50001, significant energy use (SEU) defines areas of substantial energy consumption, and also areas that offer considerable potential for energy performance improvement.

Therefore, the initial energy review that is carried out should focus on identifying all the areas that use energy and quantifying how much energy is used.

A good energy review and audit should be applicable to the organisation, and where possible, break down energy use as far as possible. If this can be done using a consistent unit of energy (e.g. kWh or fuel per mile), the better placed the organisation will be to identify the areas of ‘Significant Energy Use’, and create objectives that will bring good improvements.

Number 1: Business Continuity terms you must know

No surprise here! With COVID and BREXIT hitting the UK with full impact, it’s been the year of Business Continuity. ISO 22301 provides an in-depth and thorough platform for organisations to implement an effective management system.

Although most organisations won’t want to implement the whole system, it’s a great insight for some critical elements that Compliance Managers need. 

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