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Towards Trusted, Secure & Interoperable Digital Identity Ecosystems

Matthias Reinwarth

A lot has happened since Sept. 13, 2021, when Gottfried Leibbrandt and Nat Sakimura presented the concept for creating an "interoperable scheme to create a virtual IDP" at EIC 2021 with the keynote "Introducing The Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN)," which was created by a multitude of experts.

Starting from (but not limited to) the financial industry, which has proven to be able to confidently provide identities for its business models, it aims at enabling trust and interoperability for identities from all participating institutions.  

Continued coverage of the topic 

We immediately addressed this topic at EIC2021 and discussed it for the first time in the video specials produced on site in Munich. 

A week later I covered that topic and published a blog post for KuppingerCole Analysts "A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN" with a first description and assessment.

This was followed by a total of three of our "Analyst Chat" podcast episodes, "Analyst Chat #98: GAIN and Reusable Identities" (featuring Annie Bailey),  "Analyst Chat #105: A Deeper Dive into GAIN" (featuring again Annie together with Martin Kuppinger) and finally "Analyst Chat #116: Putting GAIN to the Test" with Annie and me having a look at the GAIN Proof of Concept that had started in the meantime. 

And of course we have covered that topic in our research as well, as Annie Bailey provided an overview of GAIN in a Leadership Brief research document for the quick reader. 

Next steps and developments at EIC2022 

But there is more to come and more to learn: Now the EIC 2022 is approaching and there will be brand new announcements in the GAIN context and beyond for this event as well.

This makes EIC2022 the "place to be" for everyone who wants to know more about "Trusted, Secure & Interoperable Digital Identity Ecosystems" and perhaps also wants to get involved in this. All this will be presented directly by the creators of the standards, documents, and the actual implementation. 

Join EIC 2022 in Berlin in May to experience the keynote "Interoperability Between Global Identity Networks" by Gail Hodges (OpenID Foundation) and Nick Mothershaw (The Open Identity Exchange).  

Be part of a full track on "Global Identity Networks" moderated by my colleague Annie Bailey of KuppingerCole Analysts and Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation).  

And if you want to drill down even more: Join the OpenID pre-conference workshop "From Open Banking to Open Data – How OpenID Standards are Enabling Secure & Interoperable Digital Identity Ecosystems". 

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