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Single Integrated Edge Plan free of charge edge computing strategy

Petteri Heino

Single Integrated Edge Plan is a development sprint managed by Intel resulting in edge computing strategy defined for a client organization. Apart from a hi-quality publication on your logo and livery describing both the compute and networking considerations, a video is created for easy digestion – all free of charge against a reference permission.


Analysts such as Gartner recommend creation of an edge computing strategy. This technology is seen as an important enabler for digital business. However, edge computing is like cloud computing in that it is an abstraction. To seize the opportunity, you require:

  • a narrative (what is edge computing for you)

  • an action plan (what are you going to do about it), and

  • governance (once you have it, how do you manage it)


Strategies are necessary since without them, in the cloud it’s simple to sign up to what you see fit, resulting in a sprawl of services and environments. Like cloud, edge computing systems do require security, privacy and cost management controls. Another pitfall is that it is easy to settle for mere experimentation without ongoing production structures. Pan-organizational consensus which we aim at documenting is a good means to tackle both of these challenges.



We differentiate in that we wrap around the phenomena instead of just trying to solve edge computing partially based on some comfort zone. In Swedish, for edge computing topics vi gör allt som behövs.


There is an interlock between the compute and networking aspects of edge computing, so they are both included as the name of the sprint so implies. Single Integrated Edge Plan includes a networking strategy to be created inclusive of LAN & WAN, WLAN/Wifi and wireless technologies.


How we itemize and further explain creation of the strategy is that we solve the below six diamonds of edge computing.


Single Integrated Edge Plan – free of charge edge computing strategy

Sure, edge computing vocabulary for some includes terms such as Near and Far Edge. We found it better to structure the effort in a fashion client organization would have counterparts. There would not probably be a consideration (or an SME) for Far Edge, but there would be for LAN/WAN contracts or for mill/factory sites.


As for a practical boundary, the servers and storage in remote sites, in client’s own datacenters and in public cloud would belong to other sprints. For HCI-based services for remote & factory & mill sites, we have a separate "Modern Mill Site Service" sprint and it’s equally for free.




Deliverables can be later internally approved and developed by the customer and its other ICT providers. Since it is commonplace to have service providers manage elements covered in this plan, most documents are written in the form of a requirements specification.


Single Integrated Edge Plan – free of charge edge computing strategy


“Current costs review” is a document where to provide to client a full inventory of what the networking costs are. We would look at it heuristically. For example, if there is a site connected to internet, there’s a firewall cluster which can be seen associated with the network costs. So, if the site is migrated to public cloud, the firewall cluster networking cost could disappear as well.


“Big Map of Use Cases” is a MS Excel sheet which is your formal pan-organizational inventory of new tech use cases. The same template we use for AI and data and it embeds a simple monetary evaluation of the use cases giving you a school grade on each of them.


Since we wanted to offer at least some service options with variance on much clients can contribute, we did label the compute and networking elements. Hence, we offer three SKUs: Small (just a CXO blog on edge computing), Medium (IoT, OT and edge workloads) and Large (all of it). The SKU split is not a commercial one, since it’s all pro bono, but we think it might help evaporate the hesitation to sign up for some client organizations.


Readiness and references


This is a sibling for “Single Integrated Cloud Plan”, an equally extensive premium sprint for cloud. There are also smaller “AI Foundation” and “Data Foundation” for AI and data respectively, as well as vertical-specific whole ICT strategy redefinition “Instant Technology Plan” sprints for local government, energy sector and nonprofits. We have reference customers for these efforts, and an additional assignment in progress.


Objective is to assist our Nordic scaling partners such as equipment manufacturers and cloud service providers to open conversations according to these lines. For avoidance of doubt, we would take care of at least the first few occasions of this sprint. We are happy to just share ideas and slides around the matter.


Let’s make edge computing your computing edge


There is a brochure echoing the content of this article and a simple Q&A where some foreseen questions are answered. Our brochure follows this same "edge" livery so we'll have people sitting on hilltops, trapezes and people walking on walls. Your edge computing strategy publication would also have distinct visuals, fitting to your culture.


A 45-minute meeting will help you value Single Integrated Edge Plan. Contact me in business email or inMail for details.

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