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Open Insurance and Ecosystem a mission possible

Alberto Garuccio

Which is the most common innovation buzzword of 2020? Ecosystem! The concept of ecosystem, moreover in the insurance sector, remains in most cases an enigma for incumbents. In Reale Group we have tried to create our own view by focusing first on the condominium and smart city concept.

Since the begnning of #Covid19 pandemic, insurers started to face with a new set of challenges related to what is defined as "new normal" lifestyle, including how to create a new value for customers and how to find new touch points with them, unlocking technologies able to be used in an easy and intuitive way even by those who are less confident in digital and virtual customer journeys

During the lockdown period we went deeper several times to this topic, trying to explore the concept of #openinsurance and related unexpressed opportunity. Today we can announce the partnership with Laserline Digital Signage Srl, the innovative #startup with which we have made our Condominium concept tangible, connecting the customers residing in buildings managed by our real estate company with the Reale Group's internal ecosystem of services.




We focused on both insurance and digital assistance and healthcare services, enhancing our proximity business and service model unlocking a phygital experience for our customers through our network of agencies and leveraging on our innovative services, such as our new digital virtual hospital launched in the end of 2020.

After reading these few lines many of you are probably asking a question: “Is this enough to define the initiative as a creation of a new #ecosystem?”  We asked it too! Well, the proper answer in my opinion is definitely no.

For this reason, starting from the technical capabilities provided by Laserwall technologies and the hard work of all the colleagues involved in this initiative, we have decided to integrate two further uncommon and distinctive pillars into our concept:

1) A new way to connect of our buildings / condominiums with the local ecosystem, first of all integrating the access to citizen information and services provided by Municipality of Turin through our new Android/IOS APP and 21inch touch monitor available in all buildings.

2) The creation and launch of a phygital condominium community, enabled by the new digital services of daily life management of the building and busted by the #sharingeconomy services provided, such as the ecommerce purchasing group for grocery and goods and the assets sharing feature between private individuals.

If we would like to describe all these elements in a single chart, we could think about this multilayer figure:

During a period in which all of us need to understand the ‘new normal’ lifestyle, in particular for the elderly’s way of living, care and social protection, this is a starting point in developing our ecosystem strategy, that aim to unlock new opportunities connecting both internal and external stakeholders and creating new value for the society, realizing in a concrete way our Group mission headline: #toghethermore.

Do you have any thoughts about it? I look forward to reading your comment

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