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Its Time to Go Blockchain

John From

Quick note, this is a call-to-action article I sent to my network and I am sharing it here as it applies to everyone.


TL;DR summary:

  • Watch Real Visions, Raoul Pal, on macro for blockchain
  • Read the Messari Report on ETH 2.0
  • Everyone should have *some* digital assets in their portfolio
  • Don't FOMO in, Don't FUD out, the time horizon is still 5-6 years off before maturation is achieved.
  • Have a Plan to guide your decision making.
  • If you have questions, come talk to us and we will dive into it








I started my entrepreneurship journey because I saw the opportunity coming with Blockchain technology, along with all the other innovations coming down the pipe, as the glue that can tie it all together and a unique opportunity to participate in a rare historical event.

Along this journey, I've met many fantastic people, and together we have tested out different product and service offerings within the space. It has become clear over this time adoption is the largest pain point for the average person. The underlying concepts for the tech are confusing at first, and it brings up questions about our current financial networks that, previously, weren't widely discussed until COVID slammed it into our faces.


If you are receiving this email, it is because we have met, either in person or virtually, maybe it was at a local TIE or startup event in Ottawa, perhaps it was at Payments Canada Fintech Cup where we pitched Perhaps it was from a friend that wanted you to hear about Blockchain from a very enthusiastic advocate, or perhaps you are just someone I chatted with about blockchain.


I’ve met you. I took your business card or contact information and kept it for a moment such as this. I know I’ve talked Blockchain with all of you, one way or another, I have been a very vocal advocate for decentralization of financial networks, democratizing the value creation process, the need for public equity and the further tokenization of asset classes, and the overall future potential for Blockchain to empower individuals and organizations to bring about this change.


Raoul Pal of Real Vision Finance and Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy have recently come over to the vision that the future of financial networking is with Blockchain. I predicted this would happen years ago, and I love in this video, they both dive into the shared experience everyone has when they first start their journey into the blockchain ecosystem.


Raoul and Michael are both on board with Bitcoin, citing it as ‘the only pristine hard currency on the planet and makes the perfect collateral’ Raoul has also gone further and accurately, in my opinion, expressing his belief that Ethereum is a ‘call option on the future.’ 


Let that idea sink in a bit, kick it around in your head, and ask us questions as it is essential to internalize the technology as fast as possible.


Ethereum has hit some massive milestones regarding transaction scaling, aka transactions-per-second, and will further power the growth explosion in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem, along with Proof-of-Stake for transaction processing and passive income generation.


The Messari team has written a comprehensive research paper called ETH 2.0: The Next Evolution of the Cryptoeconomy that gives a deep dive into the underlying blockchain technology, what it means to move from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-State algorithm, and the future market opportunities.


If you are going to read only one thing on Blockchain, read this research paper.


After you have finished reading the report, have a chat with us, and we can dive into your questions. 


It’s Time to Go Blockchain


Whether DES helps you or you go another way, the core Call-to-Action is to start learning how to use this technology.


Raoul Pal and Jeff Booth break it down in this Real Vision interview, the cumulation of technologies deflationary effect is hitting hard, COVID has only accelerated the process.


The time is now to get your strategy planned out, your disaster recovery, backup and custodian solutions implemented, your onboarding to the ecosystem, update and adopt blockchain corporate policies and governance models, migrate and upgrade existing business process, figure out how to leverage existing assets in new ways, and most importantly, in my opinion, start the user journey and knowledge of how to adopt, leverage, and grow with the blockchain ecosystem as soon as possible.


DES is committed to bringing the Blockchain Revolution to the people. Our value offering is to demystify the technology and add it to your tech stack as a Blockchain MSP, providing managed and professional services with a primary focus on SMEs. 


We will migrate you safely, securely, with proper planning and implementation of your Blockchain infrastructure and digital assets to mitigate the risks of adopting the technology and navigating the changing relationship with financial networks.


It’s free to consult with us, with a decade of experience with Blockchain. We offer our expertise to help you build your digital assets strategy and follow through on the implementation, ecosystem integration, and support.


The current bull run is the beginning of the existing Blockchain bubble and setting up for the final bull run 5-6 years down the line. Raoul Pal has made a $100,000 BTC/USD call within 12-18 months at that time, and I tend to agree with him. When this happens, it will culminate the migration of value from the older FIAT financial networks to the new Blockchain financial networks.


It will bring price stability to the blockchain markets. 


The wall of money entering the Blockchain ecosystem is mostly due to the instability of 2020. This uncertainty is going to push more and more people into blockchain financial networks as safe harbors. In the longer horizon, which I agree with Raoul, this massive value migrated will require years to build out the infrastructure capacity.


I know the future is Blockchain-based for financial networking. The technology at a core level is just too useful, incredibly resilient, and super flexible. This is 100% the future for those reasons alone. Throw in the macro craziness of the 2020s (mark my words, this decade is just getting started)—this why we have zero upfront cost for consulting with DES engaging with our services. 

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